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As 2014 comes to a close, I wanted to make a post about my wedding photography and how I’ve developed in it within the last year. My original goal was to have individual posts for each wedding, but time got away from me so hopefully an overall post will suffice.

Seven months ago, I ventured into the world of wedding photography, something I honestly never thought I would do. Not because I disliked the thought of shooting weddings, but because I never thought I would be good at it.

In early May, I got an offer from my good friend and awesome photographer Charlotte Keniston to second-shoot for her. I had always been curious about shooting a wedding so I figured that was the perfect opportunity to finally experience it. As the day went on, I watched how she worked, seeing how she connected with the couple and strategically planned her shots. I began feeling much more comfortable and even, dare I say it, had fun shooting.

Leaving that night, my feelings towards wedding photography were drastically readjusted. My thoughts kept running over the same idea: I can see me doing this. So I put myself out there, letting people know I was game to shoot weddings and almost immediately, I was contacted by my first couple. Not too soon after shooting my first solo wedding, I had a few more booked. I was finally building a wedding portfolio and growing as a photographer.

The last wedding I shot this year turned out to be for the person who started it for me. Charlotte contacted me about shooting her own wedding, which filled me with so much confidence. She knew I had only been shooting weddings for half a year, but still had enough trust in my abilities to leave her big day in my hands.

So this post is really a big thank you to each couple who put their trust in me this year, as well as everyone who helped along the way.

Of course, if you enjoy the work and know someone who’s getting hitched, or maybe you're in the search for a wedding photographer, I would more than appreciate the consideration to document your big day!

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