Hung Jury

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Baltimore stood attentive for three days as a jury deliberated a verdict for Officer William Porter, the first of six to be charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray in police custody. A little past 4pm on Wednesday, December 17th, the announcement was made public: mistrial. Met with much disappointment, the announcement hit those protesting police misconduct hard. Kwame Rose, a prominent Baltimore activist unified the growing group with a passionate speech, while Pastor Westley West by his side. Not too long into the protest, Baltimore Sheriff Deputies arrested Kwame Rose for using a bullhorn during court proceedings, despite the ironic use of bullhorns by police simultaneously. As tensions grew high, another protester, this time a 16-year-old, was violently thrown to the ground and arrested by deputies. The crowd remained peaceful the entire time, simply asking police why they arrested the two, but were met with silence.

The protest continued in front of City Hall, continually growing in numbers, and eventually moving to the streets. As dozens of protesters flooded the streets around City Hall, the Baltimore Police Department kept a close eye. As protesters approached the south end of I-83, they were met with a line of officers. The march returned back to City Hall, where chants were led and speeches were made. Eventually, the group made there way to each TV news crew planted near City Hall to shut them down or convince them to tell more in-depth stories about what's really going on in Baltimore.

No retrial date has been set nor a confirmation that there will be a retrial.

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All photos shot by Josh Sinn for Baltimore Magazine